The 4th Street Market District is a vision for a more people-oriented street focused on connections, retail, and public art.

Have you heard about the future of 4th Street? For 2 years now, Greater Saint Paul BOMA, Pak Properties, Women on Bikes, and other building and business owners have been working to bring new energy to 4th Street. During the summer of 2015, downtown building and business owners came together to discuss opportunities for public life on 4th Street, which resulted in the 4th Street Market District Vision.

Connections: 4th Street connects St. Paul’s most valued assets that serve a diverse population of businesses, citizens, event goers and tourists. This is an opportunity to transform the street into a place that connects Washington Street to North Broadway Street with improved walkability, better bicycling and investment in public space. Coordinating this vision with the concept of the Downtown Bike Loop is important.

Retail: Safety, beauty, wayfinding and street-level retail are key to vitality and economic development. Additionally, 4th Street has underutilized storefronts that could attract investment in retail development.

Public Art: 4th Street has a fair share of concrete and blank extended building faces at the ground level. If a place is pleasant – with lighting, seating, cover from the elements and greenery – people are more likely to walk, bike, roll, stay, play and shop.

See the full 4th Street Market District Vision Report now!

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