For a safe and beautiful 4th Street, there is support for connecting to Central Station, the River Balcony, the downtown pedestrian loop and the Capital City Bike Way.

In addition, there is interest in adding street-level retail and public art that enlivens buildings.

Three road treatments to add access choices and increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety are suggested.

  1. Washington to Minnesota – add bike infrastructure that complements parking.
  2. Minnesota to Wacouta – share the road with pedestrians and bicyclists by making it a convertible road.
  3. Wacouta to Broadway – restrict unimpeded vehicle traffic to east bound travel and make the west bound lane a convertible road.

Support for overall recommendations on each of the three segments include:


  • Add a pedestrian lighting system that lights the street, skyways and storefronts.
  • Add trash cans, benches, sound and landscaping.
  • Add wayfinding for street, city and regional assets, especially the Gateway Trail.
  • Add bike facilities along 4th Street.


  • Add street-level retail with sidewalk presence.
  • Street-level entrances need to be friendly, welcoming.
  • Use retail to activate alleys as pedestrian spaces.

Public Art

  • Add murals to blank walls.
  • Add interactive public art using lighting, sound, and visual art.
  • Create a major summer event like the Castlegar, BC, Sculpture Walk.
  • Use to create interesting spaces and community identity.

Additional Items

  • Add public restrooms.
  • Consider implementation strategies, such as a Business Improvement¬†District to manage lighting, safety, maintenance, snow removal, etc.
  • Comprehensive communication with historic preservation – allow for¬†21st century design.